What Does IP55 Certified Mean?
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What Does IP55 Certified Mean?

If you’re an all-weather adventurer, then you’re looking for a set of headphones that can handle freezing rain, blistering heat, and every forecast in between. AfterShokz Titanium and Bluez 2S are both IP55 certified, but what does that even mean? 

Before we dig deep into the details, let’s start by saying an IP55 certification makes our headphones water-resistant, but not waterproof. We don’t recommend completely submerging AfterShokz headphones underwater (despite customer claims that their Titanium made it through a few spins in the washing machine).

IP stands for International Protection or Ingress Protection. These codes are used to provide more specific information to customers about a product than a general term like water-resistant or waterproof. Having an IP rating is common among consumer electronics, especially in the sports arena where they’re bound to get a little wet.

IP codes use number and letter combinations to reflect a product’s resistance to solid intrusions like dust and debris, as well as liquid intrusions like rain or sweat. The first number in the IP code represents the level of protection against solids while the second number represents the level of protection against liquids.

Seems easy enough, but don’t let those 5s in IP55 fool you into thinking mediocrity. Protection against solids are measured on a scale of 0-6, while protection against liquids are measured on a scale of 0-8.

What does this mean for your AfterShokz? A 5 rating in the first digit means that while the headphones aren’t completely closed off to dust, not enough dust is capable of entering the headphones to compromise the functionality of the unit.

 A 5 rating in the second column means that while the headphones may not be waterproof, they’ll hold up against low-pressure water jets from all directions. So that super-sweaty workout you just had? It’s really not a problem.

Still unsure about whether your Titanium will hold up on this week’s travels? Let us help! Whether you’re concerned about heat, cold, wind, blizzard, fog, graupel, lemon drops or gumdrops, please click on the help widget below.