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Water to Land, the Music Never Ends.
Dive in with OpenSwim Pro.
With an IP68 rating, OpenSwim Pro can be submerged up to 2 meters for 2 hours. Effective waterproofing ensures you stay worry-free during rain-soaked runs and sweat-drenched cycling sessions.
Listen Anywhere.
Seamlessly switch between Bluetooth and MP3 mode. Enjoy music anywhere, even with poor internet, or just leave your phone at home during outdoor workouts.
Keep Your Ears Open.
Stay safe and aware when listening to your music with our signature open-ear design.
Securely in Place.
An ergonomic design ensures a secure fit, even during intense workouts.
and Compatible.
Enjoy all-day comfort with a lightweight, open-ear design that effortlessly accommodates sports gear like swim goggles and swim caps.
Reliable Buttons Response
Every Time.
Easily manage physical buttons even when wet, ensuring hassle-free operation.
Enhanced Listening
and Calling.
OpenSwim Pro delivers outstanding stereo sound for an immersive audio experience and effectively eliminates noise and echoes during calls.
3 EQ Modes
Tailored for listening, calling, and underwater use.
32GB of MP3 Storage
Store up to 8,000 songs.*
*Calculated at an average size of 4MB per song.
Up to 9 Hours of Listening
With a quick-charge feature.