Holiday Media Roundup with AfterShokz
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Holiday Media Roundup with AfterShokz

‘Tis that time of year where social feeds are flooded with various gift guides for everyone in your life. Guides that’ll lead you to that couldn’t-have-pictured-a-more-perfect-gift-if-I-tried option that will keep you on The Nice List all year long. In 2017, there’s no excuse for a stocking full of coal or a pile of socks. The perfect gift does exist, and you’ll find it in Air.

Don’t take it from us, though. Check out these holiday gift guides on this year’s coolest and most innovative products, and see why Air’s at the top of the wish lists this month!

Calling all fitness gurus! Muscle & Fitness Hers gathered some of the hottest tech gear of the season, and Air is a fan favorite.

"Behind the neck headphones use bone conduction so your ears are never covered. $150;" - Muscle & Fitness Hers

Just when you thought AfterShokz couldn't get better, we revamped our design. Air is 20% lighter than Titanium, and the titanium band has been raised for a more secure and comfortable fit - perfect for intense workouts.

Next up? Air were featured in Family Circle Magazine; a family-focused magazine featuring must-have products for the active family members in your life (you know the ones)!  


"Bone conduction tech means these wireless headphones sit outside your ear so you can still hear ambient noise." - Family Circle Magazine

What’s better than the gift of safety and awareness? Keep your loved ones connected to their world while they’re out listening to music and podcasts on-the-go. Give ‘em the best of both worlds with Air wireless headphones.

Runner’s World Magazine featured Air in their Gear of the Year roundup, and to say we were honored is an understatement. As leaders guiding runners around the world on their training and product choices, Runner’s World didn’t disappoint with their top picks just in time for the holidays.


“It’s time to take the earbuds out and plug cheekbones in.” - Runner’s World Magazine

There’s nothing like a helping hand during this hectic season, and gift guides are a game-changer in finding this holiday's most-wanted products. If Air are on someone’s wish list in your life, you can purchase through your closest local retailer.

Do you have Air on your wish list? Let us know if they end up under your tree on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!