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Design Comfort

Open-Ear Design.
Ultimate Comfort.
Lightweight Build.
Weightless Feel.
Ergonomic Curve.
Adaptive Fit.
All-in-One Design.
Reinforced Support.
Shokz’ signature open-ear design ensures long-lasting comfort without any ear pressure or discomfort, while also keeping the ear canal clean, especially during intense workouts.

Beyond the physical benefits, this non-intrusive design provides a sense of ease and openness, facilitating seamless connections with both people and the environment.
With meticulous engineering and advanced materials, the OpenFit headphones feel incredibly lightweight. This design significantly reduces pressure on your ears, making the headphones barely noticeable. Each earbud weighs just 8.3 grams, and we've strategically placed the driver and battery on opposite ends of the ear hook to ensure balanced weight distribution.
Shokz headphones are designed not only for comfort but also for a secure fit during activities. The OpenFit features a dolphin arc ear hook that comfortably conforms to different ear shapes, delivering an adaptable fit.
Shokz bone conduction headphones ensure both security and comfort with ergonomic ear hooks and a wraparound frame. The OpenRun Pro model fits securely on different head and ear shapes, and the frame provides peace of mind by preventing the headphones from slipping off, reducing the risk of loss.

Material Comfort

Flexible Ni-Ti
Memory Alloy
Soft Silicone
Flexible Ni-Ti
Memory Alloy
Soft Silicone
The Ni-Ti memory alloy widely used in Shokz headphones has greater flexibility and stronger support for greater compatibility, compared to spring steel and nylon. The OpenFit features 0.7mm ultra-fine, soft memory Ni-Ti alloy ear hooks, delivering an adaptable fit for various ear shapes. Similarly, the Ni-Ti-built wraparound frame and ear hooks of the OpenRun Pro deliver moderate clamping force and the flexibility to accommodate different head sizes.
To achieve unparalleled comfort, Shokz led the way by introducing a unique liquid silicone molding process, revolutionizing the industry's standards. Additionally, we've established a vertical supply chain to address the shortage of high-quality materials. The shape, size, and thickness of materials used in Shokz products result from thorough research and analysis conducted by the Shokz Lab, drawing insights from a vast database of human ear anatomy.
Solutions for a Soft and Secure Fit The OpenFit and OpenRun Pro, Shokz's flagship headphones, are fully housed with skin-soft silicone. Material was meticulously formulated to offer a sophisticated touch, and a firm grip enhancing fit stability.
Cloud-Soft Silicone Shokz innovatively uses silicone with a shore hardness of 00, a material widely used to produce baby pacifiers and other medical and cosmetic supplies, to craft our headphones. The OpenFit features 2 layers of ultra-soft silicone that gives a pliable fit for every ear shape, and is comfortable to wear for extended time.

Feeling Comfort

Private Open-Ear listening
Sound leakage was a major concern during the early stages of bone conduction headphone development. Shokz is committed to optimizing open-ear acoustic technology to address this issue and safeguard user privacy.
Shokz LeakSlayer™ enables users to enjoy the comfort of open-ear listening while maintaining privacy when listening to audio content. It employs the principle of acoustic phase cancellation, by introducing sound waves with opposite phases to counteract sound leakage, resulting in a remarkable effect of antiphase cancellation.
Shokz DirectPitch™ technology uses reverse sound waves to optimize the distance and angle between the sound source and the human ear, resulting in relatively greater sound pressure toward the ear and less sound pressure in directions other than the ear canal. This allows the listener to hear sounds clearly without earbuds being in the ear, and also has the advantage of reducing sound leakage, ensuring privacy.
Less Vibration. More Comfort.
Direct vibration on the skull is the health concern of most users as bone conduction headphones deliver sound into the cochlea by vibrating the temporal bone. Shokz professionally remedies this matter with our patented technology, Premium PitchTM.
Premium Pitch™ 2.0+
PremiumPitch™ was inspired by the world we live in. A Shokz engineer drew inspiration when brushing his teeth with an electric toothbrush at an inclined angle. Leveraging this insight, they placed the transducer on the face at a 30-degree angle to reduce numbness due to excessive vibration.
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