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74 Woman-Owned Running Stores To Support Year-Round

In observance of Women’s History Month, we’re shouting out some of the many women-owned retailers that are making an impact in their local fitness and running communities and sell AfterShokz while they’re at it! Get to know a couple of our favorite women-owned independent retailers, and then check out the list of female-owned running/fitness businesses to shop and support below.


AS: In your opinion, why do you think it’s important to shop and support women-owned brands?

KG: Shopping and supporting women-owned or led brands and businesses gives women more of a voice in this space and can lead to great opportunities and changes for our active lifestyle stores. Some of our customers remember when women could only run the 800m or mile in the Olympics, and the women that lead the way in this space are similar to those women who broke those barriers that are now forever open. 

AS: As a woman in the male-dominated fitness retailer industry, what kind of challenges have you experienced during your career?

KG: Sitting around tables with all men and being the only female voice has been a challenge and an opportunity for growth. I am learning to find my voice and bring more women to those tables. My parents are small business owners and I saw the freedom and joy that it gave them. I also love retail and was a Gap Girl as soon as I was old enough to work there. We had a small Dash Sports store for 13 years and went bigger and rebranded in July 2019 and it was a great decision. Our reach in Central Florida is growing and the future looks bright.


AS: What is your favorite thing about owning a business?

RG: There are so many positives in owning a business, it's hard to pick just one. But I'd have to say that the most exciting journey is setting my own goals and challenges, then setting my own plan to reach them, and finally seeing it all come to fruition! Whether it's as simple as hiring a new team of employees and watching them grow, or as involved as opening a new store and creating a new running community around it, it is all very fulfilling. It makes you want to get up every day and work hard because it's something you love.

AS: What is the most popular AfterShokz model in your store? Why do you think your customers love it?

RG: Our most popular model is the Aeropex. It's so light you don't know you're wearing it and the sound quality is amazing. Having the interactive display right at the front counter always makes customers curious and, once they try them out, they basically sell themselves. And, the fact that they are safer to wear while running because they don't obstruct your hearing is what customers love the most.


Shop online or in-store!

IRun Texas - Texas

Get Fit - Texas

iRun Local - New York

Up and Running - Ohio

Varsity Sports - Louisiana

Dash Sports - Florida 

1st Place Sports - Florida

West Stride - Georgia

Totally Running - Georgia 

RIOT (Run In Our Town) - North Carolina

Track Shack - Florida

Trak Shak - Alabama

Love2Run - Alabama 

Fleet Feet Columbia - South Carolina

Georgia Game Changers - Georgia

Fleet Feet Greenville - South Carolina

Fleet Feet Hickory - North Carolina

Abbadabba's - Georgia

Outspokin Bikes - Florida

Fleet Feet Nashville - Tennessee

Footworks - Florida

Runners Depot - Florida

Mack Cycle - Florida

Fleet Feet Jackson - Mississippi

The Foot Store - South Carolina

Blue Sky Endurance - South Carolina

Fleet Feet Mobile - Alabama

Fleet Feet Columbia - Missouri

Fleet Feet Murfreesboro - Tennessee

Molly's - Florida

Fleet Feet Lexington - Kentucky

The Outdoor Experience - Tennessee

Caney Fork Cycles - Tennessee 

Pro Cycle and Triathlon - Alabama

Cycle Center Columbia - South Carolina

Extra Mile Fitness Company - Indiana 

Blue Birch Outfitters - Michigan

Run Detroit - Michigan

Runners Athletics - Michigan

Fleet Feet Fort Wayne - Indiana 

Fleet Feet Sports Hartford - Connecticut

Fleet Feet Sports Hartford - Connecticut

Ridgefield Running Company - Connecticut

Darien Running Company - Connecticut

Charles River Running - Massachusetts

Bicycle World - Mt. Kisco - New York

Lucky Road Run Shop - Virginia

North Shore Running - Virginia, DC

TriSport Junction - Florida

Lex Running Shop - Florida

Potomac River Running - Florida

Bike Tech - Florida 

Black Creek Outfitters - Florida 

Big Wheel USA - Florida

Orange Cycle - Florida

The Running Elements - Florida

Running Zone - Florida

Winter Garden Wheel Works - Florida

LC Tri Shop - Florida

Gracianos Bicycle Center - Florida

4Run3 - Massachusetts

Fleet Feet Des Moines - Iowa

The Running Well Store - Missouri

Fleet Feet Rockford - Illinois

Fleet Feet Rockford - Illinois

Peak Running - Illinois

Fleet Feet Lincoln - Nebraska

Pulse Running - Idaho

Runners Roost - Lakewood - Colorado

Go Far Shop - Colorado

Treadz - Colorado

Treads N Threads - Colorado

Colisco - Colorado

Kaizen Scuba - New Mexico

Mudd N Flood - New Mexico