Image of man working from home and wearing Shokz OpenComm UC wireless headset
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QUIZ: Which Shokz Headset is Right for You?

OpenComm UC, our bone conduction stereo Bluetooth headset optimized for WFH/office communication is available now for $199.95 USD! Now that our brand offers two different headsets, you may be wondering which one is the best fit for you. Wonder no more. Take our quiz to find out if you should purchase the computer-friendly OpenComm UC open-ear headset or the mobile-friendly Shokz OpenComm! 



QUESTION 1: What type of computer do you own?

A: Mac


QUESTION 2: Where do you typically do your work?

A: Any & everywhere with a WiFi connection

B: WFH, in the office, at a desk


QUESTION 3: How often do you use video conferencing software (Teams®, Zoom®, Google Meet, etc.) 

A: Not often/Rarely

B: Very often/Daily


QUESTION 4: How important is the cost to you when shopping for headsets and other work communication devices?

A: Very important
B: I’ll spend whatever I have to for the best.


QUESTION 5: Does the device(s) you typically use most often for work feature a USB-A port?

A: No

B: Yes


Did you answer A for most or all questions? Your ideal headset is OpenComm. 

OpenComm is the first Shokz Bluetooth headset designed specifically for mobile communication. Engineered with patented 7th generation bone conduction technology and featuring our signature open-ear design, OpenComm helps you stay connected to your surroundings while you’re on the road, on a jobsite, or anywhere else where you get work done. Ideal for mobile office use. Shop OpenComm here. 

Did you answer B for most or all questions? Your ideal headset is OpenComm UC.

OpenComm UC is designed specifically for an optimized WFH experience. Engineered with patented 7th generation bone conduction technology, the Loop 100 wireless adapter, and our signature open-ear design, OpenComm UC enables all-day comfort and crystal-clear communication when using a computer and/or web conferencing software. Shop OpenComm UC here

Our Loop 100 Wireless Adapter is now available.

Did you know customers who own OpenComm currently can still enjoy the optimized WFH/office experience offered by OpenComm UC with the purchase of a Loop 100 wireless adapter? Simply plug in Loop 100 to a compatible USB-A input and experience crystal-clear calls and video conferencing. Shop the wireless adapter here

Still not sure which Shokz headset is right for your work lifestyle? Visit our website to compare both products here