Should You Buy AfterShokz Air?
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Should You Buy AfterShokz Air?

At AfterShokz, every headphone model we design is designed with a purpose; Titanium was created specifically for athletes. Titanium Mini was made for kids, teens, and adults who happen to have smaller heads. So who is Air for?

Air offers advanced improvements for advanced athletes. Weighing only 1.06 ounces (that’s lighter than a light bulb), it has a seemingly weightless, comfortable fit that naturally blends into your run, ride, or workout routine. Like all AfterShokz headphones, Air has an open-ear design so you can let your lyrics push you past your limits while still hearing the cheers from the crowd around you.

The new Air is geared towards users who value simplicity. One click to pause. One click to play. One click to answer a call. There are no distractions while you work to achieve your goals. With 6 hours of battery life, it’ll keep you company throughout your whole marathon.

You can order Air in the U.S. today.