Our athlete ambassadors
Sport is at the core of Shokz. That’s why we’ve partnered with athletes from amatuer to professional to get feedback from all levels of competition. Get to know each of them below!
Paul Chelimo
As a two-time Olympic medalist in the 5000m, Paul Chelimo is at the top of his game. Born in Kenya, Paul moved to the US in 2010 on a running scholarship. After graduating, he joined the United States Army World Class Athlete Program, which he credits for his resilient racing tactics. His motto is: “Go Hard or Suffer the Rest of Your Life”.
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Syd and Macky
Syd and Macky are two professional mountain bikers on a quest to find the most challenging races worldwide. Their videos give a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to ride your bike for a living by sharing their great races, gnarly crashes, and just about everything in between.
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Erin Azar
As a self-proclaimed “struggle runner”, Erin Azar has shown the world that all it takes to run is just to start. She completed her goal of finishing her first marathon in 2021 at NYC (alongside Team Shokz) and hasn’t looked back since. Watch as she takes you on her daily runs, shows you her latest running OOTD, and trains for her next big race!
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Matt Choi
Matt Choi wears many hats. As a personal trainer, health and wellness coach, runner, and content creator, he’s dedicated to sharing knowledge and positivity with his audience. Get inspired by his journey today.
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Allie Kieffer
Allie Kieffer is a powerhouse. She’s placed 5th and 7th at the NYC Marathon, as well as top-6 at National Championships 5 times. She uses her social platform not only to showcase her journey, but to advocate for inclusivity in sport, body positivity, and balanced physical-emotional wellness.
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Alysha Flynn
Celebrate every mile! That’s the phrase that drives coach Alysha Flynn and her What Runs You community. As a run coach, Alysha focuses on beginners, encouraging them to enjoy the process and achieve new milestones.
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Brandy Talamoni
Brandy Talamoni is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran mom of two who went from DNF (did not finish) to a marathon finisher. She initally started running to lose weight, but running slowly became a part of who she was. In 2018, she started sharing her running journey on social media and connected with an audience she never knew existed!
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Nicole Winter
Nicole is a certified personal trainer and marathon runner who views exercise as a celebration of the body and all it can do! She has been running as a hobby for about ten years and is now taking her training and racing to new heights. It feels amazing to have goals to work towards along with the amazing community of runners she has found in Austin, TX and beyond!
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Kimberly Clark
Kim discovered a love for running 10 years ago and loves to share the ups & downs of her journey on her Instagram, while encouraging others to dream big. Her first marathon was a 6:08 and her fastest a 3:11-- and she shares all the training strategies for any runner to improve their running too! Kim has created training programs made for any level of runners to find a big improvement in all distances.
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