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What is the difference between OpenSwim Pro and OpenSwim?
OpenSwim Pro has both Bluetooth connection and MP3 mode with expanded 32GB of storage, while OpenSwim only has MP3 function with 4GB of storage and NO Bluetooth function available. For a detailed comparison of the two products, please visit our product comparison page.
How much MP3 storage does OpenSwim Pro have, and how many songs can it hold?
OpenSwim Pro has 32GB of MP3 storage. The estimated capacity can vary depending on the file size of your songs. Here's a breakdown for your reference:
Regular Quality Songs (around 4 MB each): You can store approximately 8,000 songs.
High-Quality Songs (around 8MB each): You can store approximately 4,000 songs.
What music file formats are compatible with OpenSwim Pro? Does it support Bluetooth music transfer?
OpenSwim Pro offers broad compatibility with various audio formats, including MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, APE, and WMA. However, please note that OpenSwim Pro does not support Bluetooth music transfer. You can upload your music files directly to the headphones using the included 4-Pin Magnetic Charging Cable. For detailed instructions, please refer to our "How-To Video".
Does OpenSwim Pro automatically disconnect from a Bluetooth device when switching to MP3 mode?
No, OpenSwim Pro maintains its Bluetooth connection even when you switch to MP3 mode. This allows you to seamlessly transition back and forth between your music library stored on the device and Bluetooth streaming without needing to re-pair your headphones.
What is the battery life of OpenSwim Pro in Bluetooth mode vs. MP3 mode? Does battery life vary depending on use environment (land vs. underwater)?
OpenSwim Pro offers up to 9 hours of battery life when using Bluetooth mode and up to 6 hours of battery life in MP3 mode. This is consistent regardless of whether you're using the headphones on land or underwater.
Does OpenSwim Pro come in different sizes?
No, OpenSwim Pro is currently available in a single, universal size.
Can I use Bluetooth mode underwater?
No, Bluetooth connectivity is not functional underwater with OpenSwim Pro. Water effectively disrupts Bluetooth signals, limiting underwater use to the MP3 mode with its internal storage.
Is OpenSwim Pro suitable for diving?
No, OpenSwim Pro is not recommended for diving. While the headphones feature a waterproof rating of up to 2 meters (6.5 feet) for up to 2 hours, they are not intended for use at deeper depths. Additionally, we advise against using OpenSwim Pro in seawater. If your headphones come into contact with salt water, rinse them thoroughly with fresh water immediately to prevent damage.
Can I charge OpenSwim Pro with the OpenSwim charging cable?
No, OpenSwim Pro and OpenSwim utilize different charging cables. OpenSwim Pro requires the included 4-Pin Magnetic Charging Cable for proper charging.
Can OpenSwim Pro connect to a PC or TV
Yes, OpenSwim Pro’s Bluetooth connectivity allows you to pair it with various devices including PCs, TVs, mobile phones, smartwatches, and more.
Can I use OpenSwim Pro in seawater?
Yes, OpenSwim Pro has been tested and approved for use in seawater. However, to maintain optimal performance and lifespan, rinsing the headphones thoroughly with clean water after each saltwater use is essential. For safe and reliable charging or data transfers, ensure the magnetic charging port is completely dry before connecting the cable.
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