Sport Audio Sunglasses
Headphones and Sunglasses,
All-in-one Performance
Bolder and Louder Sound
Design With Wind-Noise
Reduction For
Crystal-Clear Calls
Lightweight and Comfortable

Headphones and Sunglasses,
All-In-One Performance

Shokz RoadWave combines the benefits of sport sunglasses and headphones into one powerful product, providing an innovative audio experience when playing sports or exercising. Discover a completely new visual experience.

Shokz DirectPitch™ Technology2
Bolder and Louder Sound with Deeper Bass

Equipped with Shokz DirectPitch™ technology, these sunglasses also feature a low-frequency algorithm and 216mm2 large-amplitude speakers. Immerse yourself in bolder and louder sound quality, plus deeper bass.
Reduced Sound Leakage
for Private Listening
Keep your playlist private. An optimized design provides sound leakage3 control so you can enjoy your music without disturbing others.

Wind-Noise Reduction
Enjoy Crystal-Clear Calls at Speeds
of 18 mph*

Communicate clearly on-road or off. Shokz RoadWave is designed with dual microphones built into the bottom of the V-shaped design to reduce wind interference, making them perfect for cyclists. The hydrodynamic structure reduces the impact of air on the receiving microphone, effectively minimizing wind noise while you ride. Additionally, the dual-microphone system eliminates environmental noise and picks up sounds more clearly as you speak. *Data source: Outdoor test data from Shokz.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Designed with optimal comfort in mind. Weighing only 42g, the open-ear design allows for extremely comfortable all-day wear. No pinching, no pressure. 

Wraparound Arc Design
Stable with Anti-Slip Grip

Shokz RoadWave’s wraparound arc design features customizable silicone nose pads and silicone segments at the temples, offering a secured fit for various face shapes and sizes. Enjoy the anti-slip grip around the temples and nose pad for increased stability and elevated performance.

IP54 Water-Resistance
Designed for Durability

Fortified with IP54 water-resistant protection and speakers designed with waterproof acoustic mesh, Shokz RoadWave helps to repel water, sweat, and dust.

Powered for Performance
Keep the Music Going on
Long Rides

Enjoy long rides without your music being interrupted or needing to stop and recharge. Shokz RoadWave delivers up to 6 hours of continuous playtime on a full charge. The quick charge feature allows for up to 1 hour of power in just 10 minutes, so you can hit the road in a flash!
Includes dark polarized lenses and transparent lenses. Easily adapt to different visibility conditions.
Equipped with strong performance optics with polarized and UV400 specification.
Switch lenses in a snap.
TR90 temples and PC lenses, rugged and durable enough for eye protection.

What’s in The Box

Shokz RoadWave
Dark polarized lenses & transparent lenses
Two silicone nose pads of different sizes
Magnetic charging cable
Hard shell sunglasses case 
Soft pouch
What’s in The Box What’s in The Box
Battery Life
6 Hours*
Charge Time
1 hour charge for 6 hours usage
Quick Charge
A 10-min charge for 1 hour usage
Magnetic Induction
Water Resistance
Bluetooth Version
Wireless Range
10 m
Dual Noise Cancelling Microphone
2 years
*This data is gathered at the Shokz laboratory and is tested by playing Trouble is a friend at a standard volume (60%) at 25±2℃
Can the lenses be replaced/ interchangeable?
Yes. Learn how to replace or swap out lenses in the related guide videos below.
What lens colors are available?
RoadWave comes with a pair of polarized black lenses and a pair of transparent lenses in the box.
Can a prescription lens be used?
No. Prescription lenses will not be provided from Shokz.
Does the lens support customization?
No. This service is not provided.
What level of UVA/ UVB protection does each of the lenses offer?
Are they adjustable?
Yes. Replacement nose pads are provided to fit several different face shapes. Lenses are also interchangeable to adapt to different visibility environments.
How well do the glasses fit with other accessories (other glasses/helmets/
RoadWave is designed to be worn with other accessories like helmets. We recommend users wear the glasses on top of the helmet strap, as proper head protection should always come first.
Can I wear RoadWave on a rainy day?
Yes, but discretion is advised. RoadWave is IPx4 sweat-resistant, but not waterproof. They are designed to be resistant against dust and drops of water but aren’t meant to be submerged under water. We don't recommend users wear them in heavy rain or that users wash them. All the electronic components of RoadWave are sealed well to avoid internal damage. Be sure to confirm the holes located in the speakers' side and mic are fully dry before charging or re-use.
How do I wear RoadWave?
Please find the series videos below to discover how to properly wear the sunglasses.

Please click here for a more detailed user manual.
What retailers carry RoadWave in-store?
Please click here to find the retailers.