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What's the difference between OpenFit Air and OpenFit?
Both OpenFit Air and OpenFit belong to the Open Comfort Earbuds Series. However, OpenFit Air is the newest addition to the series. For a detailed comparison of the two products, please visit our product comparison page.
Does OpenFit Air use bone conduction technology?
No, OpenFit Air utilizes Shokz's DirectPitch™ technology, a distinct method for open-ear listening. DirectPitch™ technology employs reverse sound waves to optimize the positioning and distance between the sound source and the ear. This results in enhanced sound pressure directed towards the ear while minimizing sound leakage outside the ear canal.
Can I use OpenFit Air for workouts?
Yes, OpenFit Air is ideal for workout sessions. The ergonomic, dual-bevel ear hooks offer a secure and stable fit, eliminating concerns about them falling out during exercise.
What is the average battery life of OpenFit Air?
OpenFit Air provides up to 6 hours of listening on a single full charge. The charging case extends the earbuds to 28 hours of listening. Please note that battery life may vary depending on factors like volume level, audio source, environmental noise, and usage habits.
Is OpenFit Air water and sweat resistant?
OpenFit Air earbuds feature an IP54 rating, making them resistant to dust, sweat, and light splashes. However, the charging case is not waterproof. While the earbuds resist dust and light rain, they are not submersible and should not be worn in heavy rain or washed under running water.
Does OpenFit Air come in different sizes?
No, OpenFit Air is currently available in a single, universal size. However, the ergonomic Air-Earhook design and the innovative, pliable cut-out feature ensure a comfortable and secure fit for a wide range of ear shapes and sizes.
Is OpenFit Air compatible with glasses, hats, helmets, or other headwear?
Yes, OpenFit Air is designed for comfortable wear with headgear. The ultra-thin, 0.75mm flexible Ni-Ti memory alloy construction ensures a comfortable fit even when combined with glasses, hats, helmets, or other headwear.
Does OpenFit Air support multipoint pairing?
Yes, OpenFit Air offers multipoint pairing functionality. For detailed instructions on how to enable MultiPoint Pairing, please refer to our user manual or How to video.
Do I need to use OpenFit Air with an App?
No, OpenFit Air functions perfectly without an app. However, for an enhanced user experience, we recommend downloading the Shokz App. The app allows you to select EQ modes, customize button functions, view real-time battery information, and access firmware updates.
Can I control my devices using a single OpenFit Air earbud
Yes, both earbuds function independently, allowing you to enjoy music or take calls with just one earbud. When using a single earbud, the controls only respond to touch commands on the active earbud.
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